Katie’s Krops

Ellen C. Wells

I spoke to one of those rare young people involved in horticulture while I was in Chicago. Remember Katie Stagliano? You might know her better as the 9-year-old girl who in 2008 grew a 40-lb. cabbage and then began the Katie’s Krops garden initiative. Katie’s now in college, majoring in communications with a minor in environmental sustainability at the College of Charleston. But before heading off to college, Katie gave a talk at the GWA annual conference (held in conjunction with IGC Show this year).

Katie is still certainly involved in the Katie’s Krops program. The organization from her home base in South Carolina now includes 130 gardens in 30 states. The deal with these Katie’s Krops gardens is that all of the produce is donated to help feed people in need. And the need is everywhere.

Is this a mission the young growers in your family can get behind? The application process to start a Katie’s Krops garden is open October-December—you’ll find the application information at the website

Of course, you can also support Katie’s Krops Growers in other ways. It costs as much as $1,000 to start a new garden. Katie could use any resources you’re willing to donate—seeds, tools, hard goods and good-old U.S. currency. GP

Pictured: Katie and me in the Proven Winners booth, who so kindly provided travel assistance to her so she could get to the event.