The Trifecta of Fashion

Ellen C. Wells

“[The palette] reflects our desire to face the future with empowering colors that provide confidence and spirit; colors that are uplifting; joyful hues that lend themselves to playful expressionism …”

—Pantone’s Spring/Summer 2019 NYFW Color Palette


“Metropolitan AF-690 emanates nuance, harmony and extravagant ease… It's neutral. It's understated. It just is. This is color, off-duty."

—Ellen O'Neill, Benjamin Moore & Co.


This warm, earthy hue is both casual and refined. It can be the backdrop of a playful, welcoming dining room or kitchen when paired with bright tiles, warm stone and sculptural greenery. Complementary materials include leather, simple wood grains and indigenous cacti in contemporary, sleek gardening planters.

—Sherwin-Williams on Cavern Clay, its 2019 Color of the Year


EcoDomo manufactures and creates interior surfacing applications using leathers much the same way others use wood for interiors. They began with floors and now use leather for walls, table and countertops, cabinetry and more for every room in the house. EcoDomo’s next frontier? Exteriors, including tabletops, lounge chairs and building exteriors.

“People walk on leather soles all the time. What we did was take the sole and flip it on the floor.”—Christian Nadeau, EcoDomo president.

EcoDomo’s leather floors and moisture-proof interior leather countertops are a great indicator that leather will do well as patio furniture.

Other trending surfaces on Formica’s radar are geometric inlays, Scandinavian-inspired maples and artistic paint scrapes.

Formica’s Paint Scrape Steel finish is so beautiful it can be used as art!

Containers On Trend

According to Bisser Georgiev, LiveTrends is incorporating the latest trending finishes in each of its three new collections:

Minimalist: Matte finishes in whites, blacks and greys.

Curator: Inspired by nature, finishes have rough textures—wood, rock, rope—to counter “screen time.”

Trendsetter: Incorporating elements like glass, paint and print screens and everything in between.


Fashion Phrases from Bernadett Vadja, image and fashion consultant, New York City

Fashion consultant Bernadett Vadja explains that texture is more about being bold than anything else. Whether you’re mixing cashmere and plaid or variegation with ribbed leaves, it’s the boldness of the blend that says, “I got this.”


“It’s about both the feeling and the mixing and matching.”

“Mix patterns with textures, layer upon layer upon layer.”

“Like cashmere with velvet—but with balance.”

“Fuzzy and not fuzzy.”

“Always have great basics like a black dress or white shirt…then contrast with fabric or texture.” GP