New Book to Reduce Waste

Ellen C. Wells

Customers are starting to become more savvy to reducing waste and now they can up their waste-reducing game with a new book by one of Green Profit’s contributing writers, Katie Elzer-Peters, titled “No-Waste Kitchen Gardening: Regrow Your Leftover Greens, Pits, Seeds and More.” It’s a lifestyle guide for reducing waste in the kitchen by using what would otherwise go in the trash. I recently heard on the “CBS This Morning” show that something like 280 lbs. of food is wasted by each person each year. Unbelievable!

Katie shows readers how to regrow and regenerate new plants from those scraps you’re about to toss in the trash or compost bin. A little bit of know-how about what part of the veg you’re working with, some basic plant science concepts and a bunch of engagement in the growing project you start will end with a new head of lettuce, a new melon vine or a hill of potatoes. Available now from Cool Springs Press. GP