Crescent City Garden Center

Jennifer Zurko

Last year’s All-American Selections and National Garden Bureau Summit was held in Louisiana and one of the stops was at Perino’s Home & Garden Center in the suburb of Metairie in New Orleans. A third-generation family operation, they grow all of their own annuals and perennials at an off-site production facility 40 miles away in Abita Springs. And for 65 years, they’ve been at the Metairie location, providing the locals with unique plants and gifts for inside and out.

Plant-y Puns

Signs that welcome patrons includes a fun play on the word “plant” to get them in the proper gardening mood. Or plays up products that are grown or made locally.

Giving Love to Local

Speaking of local, the walls of Perino’s gift shop are adorned with artwork from local New Orleans artists, including Hank Holland. Hank, who has cerebral palsy, paints scenes inspired by local culture and folklore on slate and canvas.

Mood Lighting

Does your store have a dark corner? Show your customers how their patio could turn into an inviting nighttime entertainment area with some furniture and strategically placed lighting.

Privacy, Please

If you sell clothes, it’s only fitting to have a fitting room. Perino’s store doesn’t come with a separate room or closet, so they made a couple of outhouse-type rooms out of wood and put them in the middle of the store near their apparel department, complete with full-length mirror.]

Curtain Call

One side of Perino’s store is entirely made up of windows, and with the sun beating in on those hot, humid N’awlins days, it makes for a sweltering garden center. These sand-colored linen curtains keep the sun out and the cool in while also serving as an attractive backdrop display. GP