Gard’N-Wise & The Perfect Plant

Jennifer Polanz

Like Crockett & Tubbs or Ponch & John, good things often come in pairs. Now, lawn & garden supplier Gard’N-Wise has teamed up with Marketing Garden LLC for a partnership involving The Perfect Plant digital problem-solver.

Just a recap, The Perfect Plant is a system that can be used on a retailer’s website or on a kiosk in-store to help customers find plants, pest and disease controls, and weed controls. The system also offers shelf-talkers with QR codes to recommend possible solutions via customers’ phone.

Gard’N-Wise will offer a base package to retailers providing a problem solver pre-loaded with solutions from the manufacturers available through the supply company. The system recommends products based on what the customer is searching and what the retailer carries.

“Retailers face challenges with staffing, education and having necessary information at their fingertips to help customers quickly and effectively,” says John Bruntzel, sales manager for Gard’N-Wise. “Tying the products we offer into The Perfect Plant allows retailers to offer staff a solid level of product knowledge from day one of employment. The interactive platform also builds confidence with consumers and helps solidify our retailers as the go-to resource for customer needs.”

For more about The Perfect Plant system, visit GP