New E-commerce Option for IGCs

Jennifer Polanz

Home & Garden Fulfillment, Inc., a company founded by Jeff Dinslage that’s been around since 2011, is now offering a new e-commerce option for independent retailers. The program allows retailers to reap the benefits of selling online without the investment of an in-house e-commerce team, Jeff says.

“E-commerce is a completely different business from ‘brick and mortar’ retail sales, so some independent garden centers have been slow to take advantage of online selling,” Jeff says. “Home & Garden Fulfillment offers a turnkey solution for independent garden centers that enables them to create a robust e-commerce site that also helps drive traffic to their retail stores.”

The e-commerce option integrates into the store’s existing website and is consistent with the IGC’s brand, allowing customers to place orders for products that are available in store and arrange for in-store pickup. Customers also can access plant material the retailer doesn’t have on-hand via Home & Garden Fulfillment’s network of growers. The plants are shipped to the retail location so customers can pick up there.

“The Home & Garden Fulfillment model for IGC e-commerce sales provides a unique way for independent garden centers to greatly increase the total number of plant material SKUs it sells without increasing the number of plant kept in inventory at the store,” Jeff says.

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