Science is Cool

Ellen C. Wells

File this item under the category of “science is cool.” Case in point, unless you have a bouquet of lilies, most times when you sniff a floral arrangement, you don’t get much of a noseful of anything. It leaves you wanting, doesn’t it?

Well, Smithers-Oasis and FloraScentials want to change that. The two companies have entered into an agreement that will give Smithers-Oasis first rights to evaluate and begin transactions with intellectual property and products that FloraScentials develops for cut flowers.

As you know (or maybe not), many cuts have lost some or even all of their fragrance as breeders worked on increasing vase life and other characteristics. What FloraScentials is doing is attempting to put fragrance back into these near-odorless cuts by adding ingredients to the water. And get this: What they add to the water doesn’t have fragrance. Nothing is currently on the market that restores fragrance to a cut flower.

What’d I tell ya? Isn’t science cool? GP