Jordan, Messi & Gardening?

Ellen C. Wells

What do they all have in common? Their own line of footwear. Sportswear global powerhouse Adidas is premiering a line of gardening apparel. Yes, I thought it was a joke, too. But this new “Gardening Club” line of shoes and clothing (even a fanny pack!) is for real and it dropped in October (as they say in the shoe biz).

You, too, can now don the latest Response Hoverturf sneaker and Novaturbo H6100LT sandal, pack up your gardening-ready vest (their description, not mine) and slip into the adaptable pants—all of which are in a brown/khaki/one bright color palette.

Think what you will of the designs, but you have to agree that everything from the product designs to the marketing are geared toward appealing to the Gen Z crowd—a demographic horticulture desperately needs on its side. Also note that this line is designed for getting into those garden beds, not politely snipping off your pothos’s yellowing leaves.

How was the line dreamed up? Adidas product manager George Griffin explained in an article on the website ShortList, “We looked at 'outdoor’ as a place we wanted to explore for the season, but in our own playful way with a unique take on it.” Or maybe someone tried to get his kid to help with the chores and realized fashion was the only way to get them on the mower.

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