Tornado Destroys Dallas-Area IGC

Ellen C. Wells

With tornadoes as unpredictable as they are, it’s inevitable that one will wreak havoc on folks in our industry. That’s exactly what happened when wicked-strong storms passed through Dallas, Texas, in October, pretty much leveling North Haven Gardens, a 68-year-old IGC that's an institution in the North Dallas neighborhood.

The images from the destruction are gut-wrenching for anyone who knows how much goes into creating and maintaining a successful garden center. With nearly every wall and post of the place currently horizontal, the folks at North Haven Gardens are determined to right the shop.

The statement released by general manager Cody Hoya reads: “In spite of our severe damage, North Haven Gardens has been in this location since 1951; almost 69 years. We’ve rebuilt from adversity before and this time will be no different. We look forward to welcoming our many friends and patrons back for an ever-better experience.”

I’m reminded of Creekside Garden Center & Landscaping in Nashville, Tennessee, a stop on this summer’s GCA Summer Tour. They, too, had experienced near-complete devastation from a fire about a year ago. Creekside saw such amazing support from their customers and community—support that carried them through the difficulties and gave them the wherewithal to rebuild. I know for sure the same will be true for North Haven Gardens.

We’ll check back in after they’ve had time to assess and strategize. Meanwhile, our best to you during the process! GP