Monrovia’s Garden Angels

Jennifer Polanz

So what is Monrovia’s Garden Angel platform? According to Justin Hancock (who just signed on as Monrovia’s marketing director), it’s a consumer-facing, community-based platform with the purpose of inspiring and educating consumers and helping them develop closer relationships with their local IGC.

How do they join? Once the home gardener purchases a Monrovia plant, they’re given an opportunity to join the Garden Angel community (messaging on plant tags, encouragement from the store, etc.). As a community member, folks will then be able to opt in for personalized seasonal care emails, connect to their local IGC experts, learn from others in the Garden Angel community and even get a sneak peek at new varieties. They might even be able to test them, if they’re lucky.

As for how garden centers will be connecting with and helping customers, your Monrovia salesperson should be letting you know about the benefits and requirements of being part of the Garden Angel platform. Or be proactive and give ’em a call yourself.

“It’s all about helping create relationships so consumers always have just the right information available to ensure they’re successful with their favorite plants,” Justin wrote. GP