What is it About Houseplants?

Jennifer Polanz

Consumers love houseplants and now we know a little more about which ones, what they like about them and what they struggle with, thanks to data from a recently released report by GrowIt! and TPIE.

The GrowIt! Houseplant Report, which is free to anyone in the industry to download, is compiled from aggregated data from nearly 900,000 consumers on the GrowIt! app, as well as analysis from the company’s National Indoor Plant Week Survey, which garnered more than 10,000 responses. The creators of GrowIt! partnered with TPIE to compile and release the data.

“Having consumer data specific to outdoor plants is a welcome resource to our industry,” says Linda Adams, TPIE Show Manager. “From an insider’s perspective, we’ve always known the value of houseplants and promoted them based on their beauty and benefits, yet learning the specific plant-related preferences and concerns of houseplant buyers will help everyone serve the consumer better and sell more plants.”

For the uninitiated, TPIE is the tropical plant show in the industry and in 2020 it takes place January 22-24 in Ft. Lauderdale. Meanwhile, you can download the full houseplant report at GP

Pictured: Here’s just one example of the data you can find in the GrowIt! 2020 Houseplant Report.