Pretty Petite

Jennifer Polanz

One way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of a wildly popular introduction is to announce a brand new iteration of that plant. That’s what Star Roses and Plants has done with the introduction of the first ever miniature Knock Out Rose, The Petite Knock Out. According to Layci Gragnani, rose brand manager at Star Roses and Plants, the newest version has the same flowering ability, bright color and easy maintenance, just in a smaller package, since mature plants will max out at 18-in. tall.

“The Petite Knock Out is perfect for the landscape, garden and containers,” she says. “Its versatility, ultra-compact form and staying power makes it perfect for growers, retailers, landscapers and home gardeners.”

This fire-engine red rose with dark green foliage exhibits resistance to black spot and is hardy to USDA Zone 5. Find out more at GP