Bring On the New

Jennifer Polanz

Create a stunning hanging garden with the new Leeds Sphere Hanging Basket. This modern and elegant design is perfect for all seasons and for an adaptive range of plants. Available in black or patina, 10-in. or 14-in., and comes with a coco-liner. www.supermoss.com

Henri Studios
The Cascading Pools Fountain by Henri Studio is a stunner, showing off its four large pools of water as a modern one-piece work of art. This fountain has great structure, great sound and great water action. It’s made in America from Indiana limestone, Illinois sand and cement, and Lake Michigan water. www.henristudio.com/reps

Soil Moist
Plant Thrive is a microbial formulation that improves soil conditions for plant growth and improves plant establishment. There are 18 strains of beneficial bacteria with four strains of fungi. Plant Thrive improves soil conditions for all plants, flowers, vegetables and trees. Each 3-oz. package will treat 25 10-in. container plants. Easy to apply either as a drench, foliar spray or as a soil amendment. www.soilmoist.com

Georgetown Home and Garden
The popular Blob House line is expanding with 30 new quirky characters. No matter who you vote for, they have a great team to back you. Festus the Donkey stands 3.5-in. high and comes in a two-pack with an MSRP of $18.79. Meanwhile, Bobo Elephant has an MSRP of $25.49. The lineup also features barnyard, zoo and wild west additions. www.georgetownusa.com

The Esti Planter is sturdy and dignified. A crisp rim extends from softly rounded sides while a gentle slope on top keeps the composition focused. Strong walls and angles with gentle curves inspired this piece reminiscent of Romanesque architecture. Available as a set of three in six glazes: Aqua, Blue, Copper, Graphite, Luna and Malachite. www.anamese.com

Protect clothes while keeping tools within easy reach with the ColorWear Garden Apron. The three-pocket design allows for easy storage of
garden tools, gloves and seeds. The larger center pocket is perfect for garden produce or debris and is zippered for convenient removal. Available in four stylish colors: red, yellow, berry and spring green. www.dramm.com

Eve’s Garden
During the Holiday season, customers often look for “grab-and-go gifts.” The jolly Snowman air plant holder features a real fabric scarf and looks festive on a table, mantel or windowsill. The playful Penguin Unicorn is a fun and whimsical air plant display. They’re perfect additions to holiday décor and for sending wintery greetings to friends and family. www.evesgardeninc.com

Smart Pot
Smart Pot introduces new, bright colors for the 2021 season with the Smart Pot Vivid Color Assortment Case. The new assortment case is filled with four units of each new color of fabric container: Berry Blue, Mandarin Orange and Violet. Available through distributors. www.smartpots.com

Botanical Interests
A potato grown from seed, Clancy grows in a diversity of colors and has great quality—it even won the 2019 All-America Selections Award. Small potatoes are both round and fingerling shaped with smooth skin in a mix of shades between rose gold and red. Harvest pounds of this “creamer” potato with pale yellow interior and creamy texture when cooked. www.botanicalinterests.com

Little Hottie Panicle Hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata Bailpanone) is a versatile hydrangea with very full flower heads that open green and turn sparkling white. Well branched and compact, Little Hottie is covered in large blooms from the bottom to the top of the plant and holds tight flower clusters out on strong stems. Bred to perform in southern heat, Little Hottie performs equally well in Minnesota. With natural basal branching, this new variety doesn’t need much pruning in production or in the landscape to grow into a nicely shaped plant with strong stems. www.baileynurseries.com

Grass Flip Flops
The company has continued to expand its product offerings from the original Grass Flip Flops to include a wider variety. For 2021, Grass Flip Flops has come up with an adorable way to showcase popular air plants with Lil’ Monster Air Heads. The new planters are fun, unique and a little scary. They’re a plant and gift in one. There are six different Cute Lil’ Monsters to choose from. www.GrassFlipFlops.co