Terra Nova New Intros

Jennifer Polanz

Terra Nova Nurseries recently featured some new varieties in print and via some informative videos from Director of New Product Development Chuck Pavlich. There was one in particular that caught my eye: Fatsia Spider’s Web, a tender perennial (hardy to Zones 7 to 9), has a spider web foliage effect. The best part is the web-look shows up in both sun and shade (but it does best in full and partial shade).

Spider’s Web can do double duty, either in the garden or as a houseplant, which adds to its impact. Consumers are always looking for plants that can go outside for the summer and then be brought in during the colder months. But it also can add texture to the garden either in containers or in the ground. With a height of 60 in. and foliage spread of 48 in., it’s not exactly small, either. You can see Chuck’s video about this and other new Terra Nova varieties on the Terra Nova YouTube channel. GP