TPIE Breaking News x 3!

Ellen C. Wells

The first bit of breaking news from the Tropical Plant International Expo (TPIE) that you may have heard about already is that attendee registration for the January 20-22 event is open. Don’t forget it takes place in Tampa, Florida, this year. So when you go to book your hotel and flights, don’t end up in the wrong city.

And two bits of news you likely haven’t heard yet. First, TPIE’s keynote will be Max Luthy! Max is back to talk about consumer interests post-pandemic and how plants will fit in with consumer awareness, their needs and so forth. If you were at Max’s 2020 talk this past January, you might recall that he mentioned epidemics and other issues that would force products, services and experiences to serve and benefit an aging population in his “Coming of Age” trend. He nailed that trend, for sure, so don’t miss out on any trends Max will mention in his next TPIE keynote. The TPIE show management has reserved an extra big space for the keynote so they can space the seats at an appropriate distance and fit everyone in.

The second new bit of info is that they’re offering a follow-up session to last year’s popular Shipping Plants session. Shipping Plants Part 2 will elaborate on options for shipping plants from Florida to a wholesale buyer. At the session, FNGLA will unveil a webpage on its site that provides shipping information that will help buyers know which carriers ship to which parts of the country. They’ll also include definitions for shipping lingo on that page (what’s a BOL anyway?). The session is scheduled for Thursday, January 21 at 8:30 a.m. GP