21 Trends from Trendwatching

Ellen C. Wells

As we all await TPIE’s virtual keynote with Max Luthy, I’ll share with you a portion of the 21 Trends for ’21 that was just released by Trendwatching, the organization for which Max works. While Max’s presentation will speak directly to the behavioral trends that impact our industry, this list of 21 is a bit more far reaching.

Here are three that I found pretty cool:

Norm Recalibration: A Filipino-Canadian drag queen draws a crowd by explaining math on TikTok. In the end, presentation doesn’t matter. It’s the engagement that matters. And with 790,000 followers, this queen’s definitely getting traction.

Earth Positive: I’m learning a lot about the benefits of regenerative farming and how it can help combat climate change. Big-name brands and companies (Walmart and Patagonia, for example) are putting trust in it, too. Can you play a part by educating your customers?

Transcycling: Did you know you can recycle tights and convert them into tables? No idea how, but yes. The point of the transcycling message is this: Anything can be converted into something else that’s salable or at least useful. Our industry has a ton of options. What opportunities have we not conceived yet?

Read more on these and the other 18 Trendwatching Trends at this link: And let me know which intrigues you the most. GP