Trending Interior Designs

Ellen C. Wells

It’s back inside for most Americans. After having spent a few precious months (that seemed like mere moments) socially distanced in the fresh air, we’re again looking at the same walls/family members/Zoom meeting co-workers for much too long.

While you can’t change up the latter two (at least not easily), changing your interior space is certainly doable.

Interior designer Kevin Gray released his top interior design trends for 2021 and we find that mixing up an interior is not only a way to veer away from the ho-hum, but also a way to make your living space more functional while also being beautiful.

What are Kevin’s interior design and remodeling trends for 2021?

Adding a home office. Whether folks are self-employed, working from home or splitting the work between home and elsewhere, people are finding the need to move their work life from off the couch/coffee table and into its own dedicated space.

Indoor-outdoor living. Making a transition from inside to outside living easy helps make socializing and entertaining much easier. Those easy transitions include garage-style doors, bifold patio doors and similar methods of breaking down the in/out barrier.

Walls. Remember when removing walls to create big open living spaces was the “it” thing to do? Those walls are now returning to give family members separate spaces for school, work and recreation. Walls could be real walls, sliding walls or, hey, maybe even living walls that easily give privacy.

Incorporate technology. We’re not talking about Alexa turning on your home’s lights from the car. We’re talking about incorporating enough outlets, charging stations, WiFi boosters and cables to handle all of the devices everyone is using at home nowadays.

Serenity. Now, this is the trend that calls upon what we can provide. Serenity can include indoor plants, beautiful patios, planting beds to work in and gardens to be peaceful in.

See a few of Kevin’s designs that fit these trends at GP