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Burpee’s New Trend Forecast

Jennifer Polanz
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Green industry members looking for a crystal ball peek into what 2021 will bring now have another tool at their disposal. Burpee recently announced its first gardening trend forecast, called GardenCast, put together by a panel of internal and external experts, and inspired by the renewed interest in gardening last year.

Pictured: Hasta La Pasta winter squash hybrid, a Burpee exclusive.

“We estimate more than 18 million new gardeners entered the category in 2020,” says Burpee Executive Chairman George Ball. “As they enter their second year, Burpee wants to guide them to garden with confidence. Through the trends highlighted in the GardenCast, new and seasoned gardeners alike will be inspired as they explore new ideas this year.”

The panel identified five emerging trends for 2021 and provided examples for how to fulfill those garden wishes:

Quiet Garden: A calming garden full of blue and lilac impatiens, and ornamental grasses like carex and pancium that offer soothing hues and gentle sounds to lull you into a peaceful state of mind.

Garden of Joy: A flower bed full of bright “faces,” including pansy and viola, that are sure to inspire many raised-cheek, eye-crinkling smiles of pure happiness.

World Herb Garden: Easy-to-grow herbs like basil, dill and cilantro will satisfy your wanderlust without leaving your own backyard and add punchy international flavors to your recipes.

Rise of Meatless Monday: A hearty garden full of Burpee exclusive vegetables with dense flesh and succulent textures like summer squash, eggplant and turnips that will help you embrace plant-based eating.

Immunity Garden: A plot abounding with vibrant vegetables like winter squash, radishes and tomatoes, all of which can help you commit to a nutrient-rich diet that strengthens your immune system.

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