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Plant Power Pledge

Jennifer Polanz
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Seed Your Future, the organization designated to promote horticulture and inspire young people to pursue hort careers, has proclaimed 2021 the “Year of Plant Power.” What does that mean, exactly?

The organization wants to capitalize on the renewed interest across the country in plants and gardening by posting ideas throughout the year of how we can use the power of plants to improve community and the lives of family.

For example, Seed Your Future has DIY plant-experiment videos on the website that can be done at home or in the classroom with a few easy-to-find supplies. Experiments include dying your own clothes with plants (you can do this with Easter eggs, too), growing new vegetables with kitchen scraps, growing hydroponically and more.

Seed Your Future also has developed a free BLOOM! Plant-focused online learning module with education company Scholastic that includes videos, a trivia game, dissection tool to teach key elements and plant functions, among other tools.

Visit to read many more ideas, as well as contribute your own. GP

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