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Get Your Staff Ready

Ellen C. Wells

It’s March and that means spring is almost here. Is your garden center ready?

One way to get it and your staff ready for what will surely be a spectacular spring kickoff is to sign up your center for the 2021 Certification Training Program offered through the Proven Winners Connect+ program. This free program leads your store to becoming a Certified Garden Center, which results in your store’s location being given an automatic active priority listing on That means more eyeballs on your store. There are a bunch of other benefits, too, including free rewards and resources for your organization. Plus, you’ll end up with a well-trained staff ready to go for the spring rush.

Like I said, the training program is part of the Connect+ program, which you’ll need to subscribe to as the first step in the process. The Connect+ program has four levels of marketing and advertising support (one of which is free), and the Certified Training Program is free through all four levels.

Here’s something that’s slightly different about the program this year: Once you complete the program, you can opt for the usual reimbursed pizza party for your staff OR you can opt to have those funds donated to Feeding America, an organization that helps fight hunger in the U.S. and Canada. That’s a great way to give back during some rough times.

The 2021 Certification Program ends May 1. You can find out more by visiting and clicking on the Professionals tab. GP

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