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Aquascape Adds Indoor Water Feature

Jennifer Polanz
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Actually, Aquascape Inc., the renowned pond and water feature company, didn’t just add a water feature, it created an entire faux backyard space inside a warehouse.

The goal was to continue to train and inspire the company’s global network of pond and water feature contractors and employees. Founder and Owner Greg Wittstock decided to construct a faux house façade and backyard space inside the 180,000 sq. ft. warehouse in St. Charles, Illinois. According to the company’s announcement, when Aquascape was unable to offer the usual hands-on training events, the company had to find a way to keep up the momentum of a record-breaking year in sales.

They established Aquascape University, an online training tool that launched in January, and then added on the new space in the warehouse, which has been dubbed “The Sandbox Studio” where the local construction crew and certified Aquascape Contractors can collaborate and build water feature displays in a 39-ft. by 60-ft. truck bay filled with 7 ½ semi-trucks worth of soil and sand.

“I wanted to create a collaboration opportunity for Aquascape Construction and the best pond artists in the world while documenting all of it on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook so others can learn design and installation techniques and get inspired to begin Living the Aquascape Lifestyle,” Greg says. “I knew it would be a daunting task to create a studio that looks like a real backyard in a warehouse setting. With the help of both Leader Builders and Shedsters, we constructed a house façade and a versatile shed around a sandpit and crafted our own blank canvas for extreme pond building.” GP

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