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8,000 Climate Victory Gardens … and Counting

Jennifer Polanz
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We all know COVID-19 triggered a surge in gardening and the nonprofit Green America has some numbers to quantify that trend. More than 8,000 Climate Victory Gardens have been registered on the group’s website, which allows members of the public to register their food gardens. To give you an idea of just how many registered, the site had about 2,400 gardens in April 2020 and is now up to 8,239 as of mid-February 2021.

“Climate Victory Gardens have the power to change the world,” says Jes Walton, food campaigns director at Green America. “Gardening is closely tied to the classic American value of self-sufficiency, and when the principles of regenerative agriculture are applied, it can be part of the climate solution.

“We’re excited to hit this milestone and we’re eager to continue to build on this great progress.”

Green America estimates that current gardens are offsetting the equivalent of 36 million miles driven—that’s a lotta miles! Visit the website to find out more at GP

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