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Studio M Moves to In-House Sales

Ellen C. Wells

If you’re specifically looking for products from Studio M—the folks who offer artfully crafted home and garden products—you’ll want to know about a change in their wholesale sales model. Studio M has recently created an in-house sales team through which they intend to provide their best service to their IGC customers.

Why the change? They say it’s to meet the evolving needs of their business, and yours, too.

“This new model will allow for a closer relationship between our in-house team and our retailers,” said Studio M’s Executive VP of Sales Tammy Hickel via a press release. “With a singular focus on Studio M, our team of in-house sales advisors will be well equipped to help our retailers grow their business with the variety of products we have to offer.”

Studio M’s partnership with the OneCoast sales and marketing agency ended February 28. Their new sales team is already in place, and is ready to serve new and existing retail customers now. GP

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