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GardenTrends and Harris Seeds

Ellen C. Wells

GardenTrends, the home garden brand of Harris Seeds, is being eliminated. It was created not that long ago—2016—as a way to offer home gardeners a unique shopping experience as opposed to the one that Harris Seeds offers to the commercial grower crowd. According to a press release on GardenTrends’ elimination, many of Harris Seeds’ loyal home gardening customers still preferred to shop with Harris Seeds.

“Our primary objective with GardenTrends was to better serve our gardening customers,” says Home Garden Channel Manager and Harris Seeds VP Marissa Verdi. “Through social listening, data and analytics, and conversations with customers, it became clear that our home garden base preferred to shop through the Harris Seeds brand. We’re excited about this change and are confident that we’ll continue to provide the same quality of service and products to home gardeners through Harris Seeds.”

Gardeners who’d been shopping via GardenTrends will experience a “nearly identical” seed and supply shopping experience as they had, but with Harris Seeds instead. Harris will continue to see the same products and package sizes that GardenTrends had, and the GardenTrends support staff will now be part of Harris Seeds, so customer order history and such will be easily accessible. GP