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Cook Up Your Garden’s Bounty with Jonathan

Ellen C. Wells
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If your customers’ vegetable gardens are anything like mine, they’re coming in to a load of produce right about now. What to do with it all? Cook and storyteller—and now TV host on the streaming service Revry!—Jonathan Bardzik (you may recall Jonathan from his years at ANLA) has a new cookbook for you to feature front and center in your store. It’s called “Simple Summer: A recipe for joy and connection,” which includes 40 easy-to-recreate recipes along with inspiring stories for each, refreshing beverage pairings and curated playlists.

If “Simple Summer” sounds familiar, it’s because this is the second edition of his cookbook. BUT, as Jonathan was correcting a few typos from his first edition, he decided to add nearly double the recipes, update some playlists and improve the whole book overall. Health-conscious food enthusiasts, home gardeners and farm market fans will love the pages and recipes filled with inspiration and exciting new ways to make the most of summer's bounty. So happy for him! Interested in ordering for your garden center? Contact to learn about wholesale orders. GP


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