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It’s Definitely a Thing

Ellen C. Wells
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In a recent Buzz newsletter, I asked if National Indoor Plant Week (NIPW)—which happens during the third week of September every year—was still a thing. I received four responses that said why yes, in fact, it is still a thing.

The first was from industry consultant, author and plant expert Leslie Halleck. I suspected she’d have something planned for NIPW and I was right. She hit the ground running on the first day of NIPW with a plant giveaway on her Instagram page.

The second was an email I received from Green Plants for Green Buildings. Well, it wasn’t a response to my Buzz query. It was actually an e-newsletter sent on Monday all about why indoor plants are important and why to participate in NIPW. This was sent to their entire distribution list—not just me. But, hey, I felt like maybe my Buzz newsletter was an inspiration! (Or maybe it was coincidence.)

The third was from the Houseplant Guru herself, Lisa Eldred Steinkopf. She’d written a blog post touting the week and how it’s easy to pass on the love of growing plants to future generations just by gifting a plant to an offspring. Create a younger version of your plant-loving self and start them early, I say.

I also received an email from the clear air professionals at Filter King on Monday morning—the first day of this National Indoor Plant Week—who put together a list of their 17 best air-purifying plants for indoor use. This is coincidence again, I presume. Anyway, the list includes Peace Lilies, Garden Mums, Devil’s Ivy (aka pothos) and Red-Edged Dracaena.

All good ideas to file away for next year’s National Indoor Plant Week, or even for mid-winter when customers are looking for some green and fresh air. GP