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Monrovia Has Entered the Houseplant Chat

Jennifer Polanz

If you’re having trouble finding larger houseplant options, then Monrovia is ready to fulfill your needs with 1-gallon or larger pot sizes, often featuring three plants for a fuller pot. The new indoor collection will feature dozens of varieties, including monstera, ficus, rubber plant, cheese plant, peperomia and philodendron, among others.

“There is no denying that houseplants are an important part of a long-term trend,” says Chief Marketing Officer Katie Tamony. “At Monrovia, we wanted to bring something more to the category. That’s why we are offering mature-size plants that truly make a statement. These expertly grown, lush and healthy selections are really living works of art that bring the beauty and peace of nature indoors.”

Find out more about the program, as well as Monrovia’s other offerings like online resources, social media tips and more, visit GP

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