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Light It Up

Jennifer Polanz
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In talking with freelancer extraordinaire Katie Elzer-Peters, who also has her finger on the pulse of what’s trending, she told me neon (looking) lights and mirrors are hot at retail. Neon, though, isn’t the traditional buzzy signs we know from eons ago; it’s now generally LED lights that are more eco-friendly and less expensive. You may have noticed this trend growing in home decor, too, if you watch HGTV or scroll TikTok.

A summer story from Better Homes & Gardens notes: “According to its 2021 trend report, Pinterest has seen a threefold increase in searches for LED light signs compared to last year and search interest for ‘neon room’ grew 800% over the same period.” The mirrors are a result of the “mirror selfie” that’s become popular for social media.

Here, we’re showing one of the two trends—a neon light from The Botany Shop in South Bend, Indiana. We featured them in the January issue of Green Profit, if you want to go find out more about them. GP



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