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Conducting a “Stay” Interview

Ellen C. Wells

This year, it’s just as important a task to keep the employees you hire as it is to hire new ones. Harvard Business Publishing’s Management Tip of the Day recently was centered around that very issue. To keep your best employees, HBP offered up these questions to ask them as part of a “stay” interview:

“What’s your frame of mind?” Just hear them out, see how they’re doing and—whether the employee has a positive or negative response—don’t rush to diminish, negate or solve their concerns too fast. Just listening is a precious thing.

“Who do you feel connected to at work?” Explore how you could deepen those connections. Maybe have them work on projects together, so the employee feels they have an association with meaning to them at work.

“What do you want to learn that will excite you and help you to grow?” It’s all about career development, not just hands showing up to work.

“What barriers can I remove for you to help you do your job better?” Not only does it show the employee you care about how they do their jobs, but it might even save you time and/or money. GP

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