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Pets on the Payroll

Jennifer Polanz
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This month is a very special Pets on the Payroll for two reasons. One, because I have actually met this pupper in person, and two, it doubles as a news item. This is Jackson, a golden doodle whose owner, Jenell Martin, is a former Young Retailer Award nominee and formerly the greenhouse manager at Catalpa Grove Farms in Columbiana, Ohio. I say formerly because as of this summer, she embarked on a new journey to open her own garden center and cut flower farm in Myerstown, Pennsylvania. Stay tuned for more details when she opens! Here’s more on Jackson:

“Jackson has been at Catalpa Grove Farm since he was 9 weeks old. He came on August 16, 2015. He was an immediate perfect fit,” Jenell writes. “He loves kids and is good with people. He became a certified therapy dog. Some customers come just to see him. He has helped numerous customers that recently lost pets.

Customers bring him Christmas presents and treats all the time. When he takes his afternoon nap, customers constantly ask where he is. He loves Gator rides. He definitely thinks keeping the bunny population down is his job.”

He was a star at Catalpa Grove and he’ll be a star at Jenell’s new business, too. I want to wish Jenell and Jackson all the best on their new adventure! GP

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