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Bags of Glee

Ellen C. Wells
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Here’s a new product for retail: Glee Potting Mix. It’s brought to you by Profile Products, the folks who manufacture the patented HydraFiber substrate that’s been available to professional growers for a few years. It’s now formulated as a consumer product in the form of Glee Potting Mix. One bag of this compact substrate is one-third the size and weight of traditional soils, and that saves on freight and storage costs and allows for easier transport. It also stacks up well in retail for shelves or displays, allowing retailers to sell more per square foot than traditional potting mixes.

The consumer benefits are that it’s super lightweight—a 0.4 c.f. bag is just 7 lbs. And it expands 2.5 times its size. It also allows for more efficient watering, has improved air spaces and can feed plants up to six months. And it can be used for all sorts of plants. Who wants to lug a heavy bag of potting soil up to their fourth-floor walkup in a city just to repot plants? Might be a good idea to cross-merchandise in your houseplant department.

That being said, consumers are going to have questions. They’ll need to be shown how much this expands, how it holds water efficiently and so on. If you do bring on this product, invest a little time around consumer education for best results.

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