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Perennial Plant of the Year 2023

Ellen C. Wells
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The Perennial Plant Association announced at their National Symposium in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in July that Rudbeckia American Gold Rush is the Perennial Plant of the Year for 2023. Introduced by Brent Horvath of Intrinsic Perennials Gardens in Hebron, Illinois, American Gold Rush’s bright golden-yellow 3-in. flowers cover this plant that reaches only 22- to 27-in. tall. And at 40-in. wide, it’s a bit squat for a rudbeckia! But the mounding shape is quite nice.

Here’s the thing about its green leaves and stems: They’re not only covered in hairs that give them a lovely silvery tone, but they’re resistant to Septoria leaf spot, which causes black spotting and premature seasonal decline.

PPA suggests it’s a stunning focal point in borders and meadows, and makes for a great pairing with alliums, asters, sages and native grasses, such as little bluestem and prairie dropseed. Turns out that American Gold Rush was also a 2020 All-America Selections winner.

Read more about Rudbeckia American Gold Rush at GP

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