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Mossify Slays the Dragon

Ellen C. Wells
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As if Mossify, the company that sells bendable plant support poles and other houseplant-appropriate products, hadn’t done enough “winning” in 2022 with numerous industry trade show new product awards, they also went on a reality TV show—and won, big time.

Dragon’s Den is the Shark Tank-like show for the Canadian market. Lucas Picciolo had been dreaming of being on this show since he was a kid, and he found his chance with his Mossify product line. He was more than prepared for what the Dragons would ask. He received offers from three of the five!

Article ImageI won’t spoil the ending for you. Watch the segment to find out about the offers and which Dragon gets what. Not only is the segment worth watching for “the deal,” it’s also great to see the enthusiasm these younger folks have for the industry. GP



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