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Monrovia Consumer Rewards Program

Ellen C. Wells

Consumers shopping on will earn points that they can use for discounts—that’s the new e-commerce strategy recently announced by the folks at Monrovia. The good news for you garden retailers is that these online purchases will involve a stop at your establishment to pick up the plants.

Chief Marketing Officer Katie Tamony said in a press release that the new rewards program is meant to incentivize more frequent online purchases and bigger orders.

“Because the consumer picks up their online orders at the garden center, the reward program will also encourage more frequent shopping at garden centers for soil, pots, tools and fertilizers—and more plants,” she said. “Our goal is to bring more qualified shoppers in the door for our retail partners.”

If you yourself have done any online shopping for pickup at, for example, you know you’re always going to shop for more when you walk through the doors. Same in this situation.

The rewards program for customers is simple: Complete a sign-up form online, and every time a person purchases a plant, rewards are automatically added to their account. They can start redeeming points with a minimum of 100 points. is taking pre-orders for spring now. Plants will be shipped to the shopper’s IGC chosen at checkout. For more details visit GP

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