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New Texas Garden Center

Ellen C. Wells
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A new garden center opened in Flint, Texas, this March. Plants of Texas, it’s called, and industry consultant Leslie Halleck worked with the owners to get the store up and running.

They’re a “family owned and grown” business that’s had a seasonal retail business under a tent in nearby Tyler with product, educational classes and all. This new Flint location is their brick-and-mortar. Leslie visited the store just after it opened to see how things were shaping up. She was super kind to send along a few of the photos of the new Plants of Texas.

“Seeing a brand-new garden center like this from the ground up is inspirational and I think it sends out really good green industry vibes,” Leslie wrote after her visit. “Plants of Texas is definitely going to be a destination garden center for the region. It was beyond rewarding to work with the company in such a comprehensive way, from planning the business, to master planning the property and retail store, to building their website and refreshing their branding. That kind of trust doesn’t come along often and I’m grateful for the opportunity.”

Leslie gives the greatest of kudos to Doug Arnold and Alison Bryant for bravely taking on a project of this scale and scope.

“I can’t wait to see how the property and business continues to develop and grow,” she added. GP

Watch Leslie Halleck’s video talking with Alison Bryant. 

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