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Shop Corner: Get the Drop on Tiny Trops

Ellen C. Wells
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Editor’s note:  In this space, we’ll highlight business tips, marketing, buying and other topics from houseplant shops told from a variety of angles that will help smaller shops make their businesses more effective. To contribute your thoughts, please email me at

I have a suggestion for you as to where to find “baby plants”—the size that seems to be all the rage nowadays. That would be from Beamsville, Ontario, Canada-based Hendriks Greenhouses and the program is called Tiny Trops. You may recognize Hendriks as a winner of a Cool Product Award at January’s TPIE for their creative POP and plant sleeves. Hendriks’ Creative Director Erika Buchanan has been just as creative with Tiny Trops.

Tiny Trops are available in 2.5-in. pots in an endless array of decorative container options. Varieties include Ficus elastica Tineke, Musa Oriental Dwarf, Alocasia Stingray, Alocasia Pink Princess and Jester’s Crown Fern (Nephrolepis).

Their cute POP and custom tags are available upon request. And the good news is that there’s no minimum order! Just give them four weeks lead time to secure the foliage from their own tissue culture production.

Questions? Contact Hendriks at (905) 980-1324. GP

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