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Same Info, Less Tag

Jennifer Polanz & Ellen C. Wells
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Monrovia announced in March it’s reducing the amount of plastics in their tags by about 60% by shrinking the size and using QR codes to send consumers to detailed information.

The new, reduced-size tags are a departure from Monrovia’s previous booklet-style tags featuring planting and growing information. The new QR-code tags send consumers to a variety-specific page at That way, customers also can see planting and care tips, as well get inspiration for how to use what they bought.

According to the announcement, they’ll have two variations available for this spring. Monrovia’s 2-gal. and larger plants will have a flat, two-sided tag. The 1-gal. pots will have a reduced-sized, two-sided tag that doesn’t hang down below the pot.

“Part of helping consumers ‘Grow Beautifully’ is to also ‘Grow Responsibly,’” said Monrovia President and CEO Jonathan Pederson in the press release. “’Growing Responsibly’ is not just a slogan. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint over time. This change to our tags is an important step.” GP

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