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May is Like …

Amanda Thomsen

Every May I try to make something fun and light for you, since time is short and you may not be in the mood for some hefty hints on how to improve your P&L. Here’s my attempt at a garden center-centric crossword puzzle for you!

 4.     Ground zero
 5.     What you drive home in
 6.     Both an arch nemesis and the source of life
 8.     How does your own garden grow?
 9.     If you're lucky, a second family
12.     A word often mispronounced by customers
13.     How it all begins, var. 2
14.     Where that customer picked up a flat of annuals
16.     A terrible term for those people that come in to be served
17.     It brings the real weirdos out


 1.     How it all begins
 2.     In lieu of a break, there's this
 3.     The accurate response is to stare daggers
 7.     A term that strikes fear in many
10.     The question you ask yourself all day
11.     The only thing that can make it better
15.    I wish it wasn't the answer to almost anything, but it is


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