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New Houseplant Book Alert!

Ellen C. Wells
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Books are still big deals for folks, especially for those who have some sort of hobby or obsession (hobsession, perhaps?). Plant parents are just those kinds of people. And there’s a book publishing in September that will definitely appeal to them—and maybe to you, too.

It’s called “Happy Plants, Happy You” by Kamili Bell Hill. In the book, Kamili shows all the ways that plants are an integral part of a person’s self-care practice. When you tend plants, Kamili says, you’re also tending yourself.

In “Happy Plants, Happy You: A Plant-Care & Self-Care Guide for the Modern Houseplant Parent,” Kamili includes easy houseplant care tips that not only help your plants, but also helps the plant parent grow in confidence. Also in the book is information on:

•     How to choose the right plants for you as a person, not just for your growing conditions

•     Advice on avoiding “vampire relationships” with plants (and people!) that suck you dry

•     How to date several plants before settling on the best ones for you

•     The art of letting go of things that aren’t thriving

•     Giving up on the illusion of control—and being totally okay with it

Kamili, a trained lawyer, put her practice on hold to pursue her passion for interior design, quickly realizing the important role plants play in interior settings. You can find her on Instagram at PlantBlerd and BlackPeople.wPlants. “Happy Plants, Happy You” will be published by Cool Springs Press. Contact your favorite book rep to order! GP

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