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A Bloomin’ Easy App

Ellen C. Wells

You might have the most beautiful plants in the world, but if the end buyer and user don’t know how to take care of them and how the plants are of benefit, then you have a very hard uphill battle to sell your stuff.  

In an effort to help the customer, Bloomin’ Easy has developed a smartphone app that appeals to and helps young homeowners. The Bloomin’ Easy Care+ app combines the brand’s plant-specific, seasonal care reminders and how-to videos into one well-designed, easy-to-use tool that young homeowners can employ to make caring for the Bloomin’ Easy brand of low-maintenance plants even easier.

Bloomin’ Easy’s Marketing Manager, Kevin Cramer, said of the new app, “Having tailored plant care tips and customizable schedules with notifications built natively into our phones is the best way to experience Bloomin’ Easy’s differentiated support. As user needs and preferences change, we keep evolving how we deliver the experience, too!”

The Easy Care+ app isn’t just for helping young homeowners. It also aids industry sales and customer service. Garden center staff can brush up on variety knowledge and show beginners how easy it is to plant or prune, thereby helping more Bloomin’ Easy pots head out the doors and into customer trunks.

Wanna give it a spin? Download “Bloomin’ Easy Care+” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. GP


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