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Trends & Tips From NGB

Jennifer Polanz
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This is something new we’re starting with the National Gardening Bureau (NGB). Every month, we’ll highlight pertinent digital trends the folks at NGB are spotting. For more about the organization, visit —JP

For overall Pinterest searches, there was a 130% increase in “full moon” and an 85% increase in “dark autumn aesthetic.” The NGB blog post about Goth Gardening is perfect for that (

There was also a 155% increase in “pumpkin decorating” and a 115% increase in “cozy fall décor,” so garden centers, take note and consider how fall décor can be extended through November.

From a regional standpoint, the Midwest searches for cozy porch décor ideas. The Northeast wants cozy, be it fall décor, holiday tablescapes or interior designs. The West wants info on gothic home décor (there we go again!) and the color copper brown. And in the Southeast, they’re searching for fall garden ideas, and fall table settings and door décor.

A final note: searches for tomato-cage ghost were up 600% year-over-year. It’s an easy, fun craft involving a tomato cage, a Styrofoam sphere and a white sheet that seems to have gone viral. If you have any round tomato cages left, get them front and center! GP

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