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Done Deal: Easy Peasy Combos

Jennifer Polanz

Whenever we do the Pots, Baskets & Window boxes issue, I always like to have a feature taking a look at the mixed upright and hanging basket combos that can go in those containers. This time, we tapped some of the industry’s breeders and growers to tell us just how easy it can get filling those pots and baskets. In many cases, breeders are now offering multi-liner combos, which means they’re pre-selected to perform well together. If you’re the grower, too, that means less time choosing the right combos and more time counting your profits. Check out just a few of the newest offerings for 2018, and then turn to page 36, where we talk about a unique idea to personalize the container selection process.

Article ImageBall FloraPlant

MixMasters Big Flirt—This mix has high vigor for large-size containers, with tough, long-lasting components to withstand weather extremes. The mix contains Petchoa SuperCal Pink Ice, Petunia ColorRush Blue and Verbena EnduraScape Pink Bicolor.

Dümmen Orange

Confetti Garden Safari series—Featuring medium-compact, trailing Great Falls Coleus, all six Safari mixes have been tested across North America for matched vigor and habit with excellent results. The Great Falls Coleus series roots and times well with the other components, while lending improved structure, depth and texture to the mix. Enjoy a wide range of color options in six distinct mixes. Pictured: Sahara Safari, featuring Great Falls Coleus, Potunia Yellow Petunia and Hula Gold Calibrachoa.

Proven Winners

National Summer Recipe Summerfest—While not a multi-liner combo, the recipe for this hanging basket is easy and can be modified to include a thriller to turn it into an upright combo. This mix features Goldilocks Rocks Bidens, Supertunia Royal Velvet Petunia and Superbells Coralina Calibrachoa. The bonus thriller is Prince Tut Cyperus for the center.

Article ImageDanziger

Mixis Blushing Bride—A darling mix that features Petunia Littletunia Pink Splash, Verbena Vanessa White and Gaura Grace Blush. Danziger’s Mixis come in three options, too: Same Crop (two to three colors with the same habit and timing), Combo Crops (two to three tested designer varieties) and Freestyle (build your own program).

Selecta One

Daisy Falls Trixi—This multi-liner combo is pretty much happiness in a mixed container, with trailing osteospermums in fun spring colors. Included here are Daisy Falls Pink, Daisy Falls Purple and Daisy Falls White Amethyst Osteospermums.

Syngenta Flowers

Pink Patio Mix Kwik Kombos—This multi-liner combo, like the rest of the Kwik Kombos, was selected for genetic compatibility and visual appeal. The bright pinks pop and are designed to withstand the summer’s heat. The Pink Patio Mix features Sanguna Patio Pink Morn and Lanai Bright Eyes. GP



You can find more mixes, growing tips and videos from these companies at the links below: (click Mixis in the top menu)

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